Am I an agent?

Many clients have spoken to me over the years who are new to Sales & Marketing Representation and presume I am an agent.  Well I am here to tell you I am not and how does Sales Representation vary from an agent?

  1. I work for key properties doing the role of a sales person instead of them recruiting personnel internally.
  2. I work with and in addition to any in house teams.
  3. I am pro-actively working to gain further awareness on only specific properties and venues.
  4. When I take an enquiry I can only and do only, quote a property that I represent the sales representation for.  Unlike at agent who has acts for no specific property.
  5. Sales & Marketing Representation does not work on a commission structure which enables me to sell to many agents and they retain all the commission.
  6. There is a greater loyalty for a particular property as my reputation in the quality of product and service they offer reflects a greater deal on my business.
  7. Sales Representation can be done by way of maintaining the property branding for example having their company email in order to respond to clients under their logo.
  8. And lastly carrying out sales & marketing representation requires creative ideas and always thinking out of the box for my clients.



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