Scotch Whisky Experience insights

I asked 5 fire questions to Julie Trevisan Hunter, Head of Marketing at one of my properties which I represent, The Scotch Whisky Experience, Edinburgh……

  1. What in your mind makes your venue different from others? No1 whisky, No2 location and No3 our team.  As Edinburgh’s whisky home and the custodians of the world’s largest collection of Scotch whisky the point of difference has to be in the internationally acclaimed product which is know in all corners of the globe and is a “must do” when in Scotland.  Our location at the top of the Royal Mile, in the heart of Edinburgh’s old town world heritage site brings a whole sense of history and heritage to the arrival.  In addition you are afforded great views of the city from our Blender’s Room and McIntyre Gallery. Finally our team love what they do, love whisky and can’t help infusing every visit with their passion for this fabulous product.  This is really the cherry on the top to create lasting memory at our events.   
  2. In your opinion what are some of the best experiences to enjoy when visiting Edinburgh? Making the most of town and country is in my view the most unique aspect to Edinburgh.  Combine cosmopolitan dining and drinks with history and heritage in the galleries, museums and attractions and enjoy the coast, hills, rivers and countryside all within the compact city.  This what makes Edinburgh vibrant and relaxing, energising and restorative all in one breath.  
  3. What whisky from Scotland would you say a visitor must try? You have to take the time to be guided to fine your whisky.  There is one for everyone and with some time learning about the varied flavours and characteristics you’ll find one that suits your palate. It might be served straight, as a cocktail, matched with food – who knows?  There is nothing more personal and subjective that your own tastes so there is no “best whisky” and that’s what keeps out 120 malt whisky distilleries going!
  4. What dish with whisky from Scotland would you say a visitor must try? Personal favourites are fish and seafood, especially scallops.
  5. What motivates you in this industry? One of the main aspects is working half and half in two different industries: Whisky and Tourism.  Both are cornerstones of the Scottish economy, both cover every region of Scotland and both are full of people who love what they do working together for a  greater good.  I always feel that there is a balance and harmony to these two aspects; whisky producing a huge volume export from Scotland to the rest of the world providing one of the many hooks that then brings visitors in their millions from the rest of the world into Scotland. An ebb and flow with each bottle of Scotch containing an invitation to seek out its origins.


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