An interview with Lynne Lino, Owner of Candacraig, part of the Susan Reid Collection


Aerial Exterior of Candacraig

Question: What in your mind makes an exclusive use property different from a hotel?

Lynne Lino: Exclusive use means privacy, personalised service, attention to detail, bespoke, above and beyond – all words you won’t get whilst hosting your event in a standard hotel.

Question: In your opinion what are some of the best experiences to enjoy when visiting Aberdeenshire/Royal Deeside?

Lynne Lino: The activities are endless.  From the many whisky distilleries and over 50 golf courses to private food tours, castles and just about any outdoor pursuit you can dream up.

Question: What dish in Scotland would you say a visitor must try?

Lynne Lino: Haggis! if you don’t fancy a real one there are vegetarian ones running about the hills.

Question: What drink in Scotland would you say a visitor must try?

Lynne Lino: the obvious choice is Whisky but it isn’t for everyone so it would be a missed opportunity not to try the many fantastic Scottish gins on offer from all parts of Scotland. Personally, I love the Botanist, or Caorunn made with the beautiful botanics of our fabulous country.  We also have some of the purest water on earth.  Speyside Water or Deeside Water are just over the hills from us, and I challenge anyone to find a more perfect water fresh from the stream.

Question: What motivates you in this industry?

Lynne Lino : Pride and Passion.  Our country is amazing.  I meet people  all over the world who say “I would love to go to Scotland for a vacation”.  I usually say “well, just go. Whats stopping you?!!  I have the perfect place for you to stay ”



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An interview with Petra Wetzel, West Beer


I was delighted today to again meet with Petra Wetzel over lunch at The Royal Scots Club and learn more about this fascinating business woman.  We are delighted she will be our second guest speaker of the Liaison Lunches series at The Royal Scots Club and I look forward to her talk enormously on Thursday 10th November.

I ask her some questions over lunch:

  1. What got you started in the Brewing Industry?

German-born Wetzel, 38, and her father Herbert, an engineer by trade, famously coined the idea for a Scottish “Bavarian-style” brewery while having a drink in the Ubiquitous Chip in Glasgow in 1994. Something of a beer connoisseur, he ordered a pint of Tennents, took a sip and winced.  “He asked me what the best Glasgow lager was and I realised I didn’t know,” she recalls. “In Germany every village and town has a good brewery. It’s something people are proud of and want to show off to visitors. He couldn’t believe that a city like Glasgow didn’t have its own brewery.”  The brewery went into administration in 2008 when I was working in a law firm so I took the decision to leave that job and buy the business back as I did not want to see it end.  Almost two decades later, housed in the historic former Templeton Carpet Factory, is the product of that light bulb moment.

  1. Do you feel the Brewing Industry is very male dominated and how did you find being a female in this industry?

It used to be more of a male dominant industry but not anymore.  I think personally being female, German and knew nothing about beer was an advantage for me and made me unique.  It works in my favor as we do things differently and people remember me.

  1. What motivates you?

My son and money to have nice holidays.  Also making a difference and touching people in such a way we deliver then a nice meal, good pint and they enjoy the experience.

  1. Would you recommend the Industry to others and in particular young people?

Yes 100% as it is fun, creative and offers excellent job opportunities as you can take beer all over the World.  I would especially like to see more women enter into the industry.

  1. Who would you most like to see drinking your beer?

The Queen!


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An interview with Sandra Murray MBE

I was delighted to meet with Sandra Murray MBE  – designer/couturier/artisan as we discuss ways in which to collaborate for guests visiting and staying in my Castle Collection.

Both a privilege and honor to discuss creative and bespoke memorable experiences for our guests, I wanted to find out a little more about Sandra:

  • Question – What led you into the fashion world?

Creativity is in your genes and  it evolves like a lifelong journey or a work in progress affair. I was always drawn to hand sewing, lovely fabrics, embroidery and textile related subjects…I love texture and colour…that’s my palette as an artist.  My Dad was a boat builder and my Mum had a knitwear business…so I come from a technical orientated family but with creativity running through its veins.

  • Question – What is your most challenging experience today?

For an artist to make money selling their work is a huge challenge….which is why there is a huge failure rate and faced with money troubles . Usually creative people aren’t driven by money, or even good at it, so they need that expertise if they wish a serious business, regardless of scale when they have a micro business.   Having to do a huge amount of travelling is challenging too, takes up a lot of time with living and working in the Highlands, when  your market isn’t largely local. However that’s become my USP in recent years.

  • Question – What is your most proud experience to date?

It would have to be my Royal Commission from HM The Queen for the Opening of the Scottish Parliament in 1999, and currently on display at Holyrood Palace as one of her Scottish Inspired garments.

  • Question – How would you suggest a young person get into the fashion world?

Work is about networking and making the right contacts. Select which area you want to concentrate on and create your own path to the destination….some things wont go according to plan but then other surprises turn up en-route. All things make sense in hindsight!

  • Who would you most like to see wearing one of your pieces?

I admire Michelle Obama’s sense of style. You see the true essence of someone comfortable  with who she is and always radiant.

I also admire Tilda Swinton’s androgynous style. You may notice, I’m not using the word fashion.


More details on Sandra can be found on her web site

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An Autumn Golfing Break

Hawkswood House and The Roundel are exclusive use 5 star properties set in the picturesque hamlet of Peat Inn, just a few miles from St Andrews and perfect accommodation for a golf outing.

As soon as guests arrive at Hawkswood House and The Roundel they know they are somewhere special from the great care and attention to detail by the Owners in the design of such as lovely property.  We offer 5 luxury en-suite bedrooms in each house with the flexibility of 4 rooms converting from super king to twin – therefore ideal for 8 ball. (3 twins and 2 single occupancy)

After your game of golf guests can unwind in our new Hydro Spa, with room for all.  It offers 43 state-of-the-art jets that relieve-tension in targeted areas and a perfect way to relax and unwind.  Both properties have their own Hydro Spa.

At Hawkswood House we cater for the golfer. So, in order to improve your short game skills, before visiting one of the great golf courses in nearby St Andrews, we have built your very own Short Game Area in our grounds.
Our Short Game Area was designed and built by a golf professional, to provide the perfect practice area for honing your short game.  If a warm evening enjoy dining al fresco with our impressive Mediterranean BBQ and outdoor patio area.

Guests receive a Welcome hamper on arrival which includes Milk, orange juice, butter, cheese, Cereal, crisps, wine, oat cakes, biscuits, bread, crisps, jam and Fruit bowl.  Being an exclusive use property you can bring your own beverages at no charge.  We can also arrange a full shopping service for your arrival with the fridge stocked with food, wine and beer.

Another major benefit to our properties is our 16-seater mini coach which can take guests to your chosen Fife Golf Course or into St Andrews up until 9pm at night with a nominal charge.  We require 48-hour notice for all bookings of the coach.  The coach is offered on a complimentary basis for stays of 3 nights or more.

To see for yourself just what makes Hawkswood House and The Roundel so desirable have a look at our website

We still have good availability for September and October for The Roundel and more limited availability for
Hawkswood House.
September and October £700 per night = £87.50 per night per person based on 8 golfers
October Midweek £600 per night = £75 per night per person based on 8 golfers
Subject to availability and minimum night restrictions apply.

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Testimonials is why we do it….

The hard work and dedication of the Owners of Hawkswood House & The Roundel, near St Andrews pays off when they receive some wonderful testimonials.  Here are just a few:

1.       “The House and grounds are beautiful”
2.       “Wonderful place to spend family time together”
3.       “This is a very special retreat”
4.       “We could not have wanted or needed anything more”
5.       “It’s the attention to detail and the finishing touches that set these houses apart”
6.       “’We shall recommend you to everyone”
7.       “First class accommodation with every details done to perfection”
8.       “Sheer luxury”
9.       “Everything was marvelous including the weather”
10.   “Thanking you for your help in making this weekend so memorable”
11.   “The House exceeded our expectations”
12.   “Fabulous location for a birthday celebration”
13.   “We’ll definitely be back”
14.   “Best holiday house we have ever stayed in”
15.   “Great attention to detail”
16.   “Beyond amazing and we have lovely every minute of our weekend”IMG_2144Further details

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An interview with Mollie Hughes

Ladies Business and Inspirational LIAISON LUNCHES launches in September 2016 at The Royal Scots Club, Edinburgh and we are delighted our first guest speaker is Mollie Hughes.  I asked her a few questions:


  1. What got you started in mountaineering?

When I was 17 I went on a school expedition to Kenya. On the trip we went on Safari, we did some charity work and at the end had the chance to climb Mount Kenya. It took four or five long days of walking uphill. When we finally reached the summit and we were standing above the clouds I felt amazing. I was hooked. And I knew mountaineering was something I was going to do for the rest of my life. Throughout the rest of school and university I would save up as much money as I could in the term time and spend it all on an expedition over the summer. I traveled to the Himalayas, the Andes of South America, the Atlas Mountains of North Africa, back to East Africa and closer to home on the Alps and the mountains of the UK.

 2. Do you feel it appeals to all ages and both men and women?

There is no doubt that mountaineering is a male dominated sport. It is all about having an ability to suffer, to keep going when you are tired, cold and scared. Maybe things that traditionally appealed to more men than women. But women’s participation is definitely on the rise and every time I go on an expedition I seem to be joined by more and more women. It is a great thing, women can get so much out of climbing mountains.

3. What motivates you to go mountaineering?

It makes me feel alive. Being in harsh, demanding environments but coping with it, overcoming it and achieving your objective is an amazing feeling. But also the views…. The higher you climb the more incredible the views become. Watching the sunrise over the whole world on the summit day of Everest was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

4. What has been the toughest challenge when mountaineering?

In 2012 I joined an expedition team to summit Mount Everest. The expedition was two months long with the first 5 weeks yo yo ‘ing up and down the mountain to attempt to acclimatize to the extreme altitude. This expedition pushed me mentally and physically further than I had ever been pushed before. We suffered everyday for two months. But finally on the 19th May we reached the summit. I was 21 years old and became one of the you the youngest British climbers to ever summit Everest.

5. Would you recommend others to try?

Absolutely! Mountaineering has given me so much. It pushes your comfort zones and outside of your comfort zone is the only place you can really learn and grow. Plus, the views from the summit are well worth the challenge of getting there!

For more details and how to book

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The Launch of Liaison Lunches

Ladies Business & Inspirational Liaison Lunches

Join us for lunch and enjoy listening to a series of inspirational speakers on a range of topical subjects at the Royal Scots Club, Edinburgh.

Only £20 per person per date which includes a welcome drink & lunch.

Thursday 15th September 2016 -Mollie Hughes, mountaineer & motivational speaker






Thursday 10th November 2016 – Petra Wetzel, managing director of West Brewery

Petra Wetzel

Thursday 19th January 2017 – Lesley Riddoch, radio broadcaster & journalist

Lesley Riddoch-for use by Lesley Riddoch in all media

For further information & to book your ticket download the flyer or Contact Susan Reid

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