Testimonials is why we do it….

The hard work and dedication of the Owners of Hawkswood House & The Roundel, near St Andrews pays off when they receive some wonderful testimonials.  Here are just a few:

1.       “The House and grounds are beautiful”
2.       “Wonderful place to spend family time together”
3.       “This is a very special retreat”
4.       “We could not have wanted or needed anything more”
5.       “It’s the attention to detail and the finishing touches that set these houses apart”
6.       “’We shall recommend you to everyone”
7.       “First class accommodation with every details done to perfection”
8.       “Sheer luxury”
9.       “Everything was marvelous including the weather”
10.   “Thanking you for your help in making this weekend so memorable”
11.   “The House exceeded our expectations”
12.   “Fabulous location for a birthday celebration”
13.   “We’ll definitely be back”
14.   “Best holiday house we have ever stayed in”
15.   “Great attention to detail”
16.   “Beyond amazing and we have lovely every minute of our weekend”IMG_2144Further details

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